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A pattern-oriented approach for the Dynamics Ax messaging module

In my first post I mentioned my current system of interest: a messaging module, and the fact that I’m working on one for Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

Before explaining what is currently under development for Dynamics AX, a fundamental architectural aspect needs to be pointed out. As every software architect should know, a well designed system is based on a serie of well chosen patterns which are essential for providing the required system qualities. Lots of pattern books exist nowadays and can be used as a guide for making the right solution chose for a well understood problem.

The Dynamic Ax messaging module uses some very elementary patterns of nowdays messaging systems. To find detailed information about these patterns I refer to some interesting resources:
Enterprise integration patterns ‘site’
Enterprise integration patterns ‘book’
Design patterns ‘book’
These patterns help providing the functional & qualitative aspects of the messaging module and thereby eventually brings more quality into a business applications.

In a following post I shall try to point out which quality aspects the Dynamics Ax messaging module will provide to a business application and to developers, and which functionalities are foreseen.


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