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Certain or uncertain about your implementation methodology?

To create with more assurance quality in your product and business, reduce cost to implement and maintain the product, and to maximize business value, a structured implementation methodology is almost essential. Luckily a lot of methodologies are nowadays available in the literature and a lot of fine, detailed and understandable papers and books can be found. Still choosing one for you project, using it in a correct way, and this in a good business context doesn’t look that evident.

Choosing an implementation methodology is part of the business case process. Although at the moment I question if they get the necessary attention in the overall determination process during the business case process or after. I experience that the functionality the product will provide gets more attention than the implementation process. In the long run the product brings the most value, but the process in which it is formed will determine what the product will be. An implementation process is an essential driver for the products functionality and quality, still it looks like this argument is not strong enough to give it its full required attention. It looks like almost every IT-company uses for every project the same implementation methodology and not much research and value is given to the importance of the quality providing task of the process in which the product will be implemented. This even when there is a big difference between projects were there is the development of a new product with lots of uncertainty, and simple customizations. These 2 edges: uncertainty and certainty should certainly be drivers in determining the right way to tackle the business problems.

Undergoing change is something companies aren’t enthusiastic about. They like to stick with what they know and try to get the most out of the established business culture and methods. On the other side, there is an equilibrium point where other methodologies give the opportunity to provide more business value. When this is reached or passed, the business value is no longer maximized with the current methodology. Change or at least research for change should no longer be put aside. This may sound like obvious it is important to notice. Lots of time, money, human resources and knowledge get lost if the methodologies don’t get the right attention. Finding this point and taking the right action is definitely a difficult part. Certainly a good way to look in is in the direction of the standardization efforts, but most of all looking sinecerly and objectively to the problems in your implementation method, culture and business.


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