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Impressions on the use of the Waterfall & Regatta methodology for Dynamics Ax

In the previous post I talked about my experience with companies choosing almost randomly an implementation methodology for their project. I stated that it looks like not much research is done in the determination process of an implementation methodology. This can have negative consequences if the implementation process doesn’t tackle the business problems well and doesn’t match or maximize the capabilities of an implementation team.

The experience I have with implementation methodologies in a Dynamics Ax environment is that mostly a waterfall like method is used. No evalutation is made to use other methodologies and so iterative and agile methods are not taking into account. Even when it has been argumented thousands of times that this methodology doesn’t provide the best results. The V-model method and the Regatta method are 2 reoccuring methods. Although I personally haven’t experienced the use of the Regatta method from close. Both are looking very alike, except that Regatta looks to be more tuned for customization projects and business needs, for which I think it can really work, while the V-model is a frame with a bigger lack of business related implementation issues. I have the impression that the old dinosaur (Waterfall) has been kept alive by companies who only look to the obvious direct result, and lose touch with the investment from the customer and the employees. Even when the result falls below expectations and definitely on a quality level, the implementation methodology is not seen as an important cause.


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