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Microsoft Dynamics Ax Testing Guidance

Microsoft published their advice on testing in Microsoft dynamics Ax: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 White Paper: Testing Guidance


  • It is important to identify someone who is wearing the software test or software quality hat during all phases of the project.
  • A primary tool during the requirements, design, and coding phases is peer review.
  • Code review is perhaps the most important peer review that an organization can perform. As with other peer reviews, the formality can vary. On the formal end of the spectrum is code inspection.
  • Informal code reviews facilitated through e-mail can be very effective. The developer of the code sends an e-mail containing the locations and the details of the code changes to a small group of individuals.
  • Testing at different levels (unit, feature, module, and system)  
  • In the long run, unit testing will improve customer satisfaction and developer productivity.
  • Functional testing, as used in this paper, is any testing that is focused on verifying the functionality of the product from the user‟s perspective. The scope of functional tests could vary from a particular feature in the system to end-to-end scenarios that involve multiple modules in the product.
  • ISVs frequently use business domain experts for their functional testing
  • In addition to creating scripted tests for functional testing, business domain experts are an excellent choice for performing exploratory testing.
  • The best automation tool for the Microsoft Dynamics for a rich client today is the SysTest framework, which can also be used for functional testing.
  • Microsoft test data is a good starting point for testing efforts.

Microsoft’s adviced tools are: Unit testing framework, Task recorder, Test case management in excel, Demo data…

Internally Microsoft uses a X++ Test Automation Framework (XPF) and Test Case Editor. This is not available outside Microsoft. After a correspondence with David Pokluda, the lead designer of this frame, he forwarded me too Tim Lamey, Senior SDET at Microsoft and currently the technical lead of the team who provides testing tools for Dynamics Ax. He adviced to build any test automation around the SysTest frame.

Microsoft’s conclusion:

The recommendation today is to focus automation efforts on unit testing and to provide business domain experts with the tools for test case management along with documentation. All of which helps them test effectively and efficiently. Look to use VSTS Rosario when it becomes broadly available for additional automation efforts.


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