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Methodology or Method?

In the previous post I referred to a post that points out that there is a clear distinction between method and methodology, and that methodology means the study of scientific methods. After looking to wikipedia’s definition of methodology and more specific the following definition:

“Another key (though arguably imprecise) usage for methodology does not refer to research or to the specific analysis techniques. This often refers to anything and everything that can be encapsulated for a discipline or a series of processes, activities and tasks. Examples of this are found in software development, project management and business process fields. This use of the term is typified by the outline who, what, where, when, and why. In the documentation of the processes that make up the discipline, that is being supported by “this” methodology, that is where we would find the “methods” or processes. The processes themselves are only part of the methodology along with the identification and usage of the standards, policies, rules, etc.” 

I have to say that the literature I read uses the word methodology a lot in this context. Although the software literature doesn’t follow the distinction this post describes, the definition of the word methodology nowadays includes the use of word in the software community. And so our vocabulary grows with probably people for and against it. 🙂


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