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Advanced Ax Batch

Advanced Ax Batch is a nice batching frame for Ax 3.0 and Ax 4.0 with some very interesting design goals:

1. Remove the need for a running Dynamics Ax client. Job execution is service based with better security and the ability to run in the background.
2. Increased stability by integrating Ax with the powerful built in windows scheduling service (Scheduled tasks). The integration is based on Windows communication foundation (WCF).
3. Deep integration with the event log. This gives the ability to monitor the scheduling system with event log monitoring systems.
4. Performance counters ads the ability to monitor the health of the system.
5. Manageability. Configuration and setup is Ax based with seamless integration of external services.
6. Job sequences. Execute a batch group or class depending on the result of a previous steps.
7. Highly extensible event system adds event monitoring to the job scheduling system.
8. Reduced cost by using Com users instead of regular Ax users.
9. Advanced notification through email when a job succeedes, fails or times out with detailed information from the infolog and eventlog included in the mail.

There is also a demo.


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