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Linq for Dynamics Ax blog

The team who developed a Linq provider for Dynamics Ax commented today on a previous post and announced their product features and their new blog. Because I can only fully support every step forward in better quality providing techniques and tools 🙂 I want to explicitly point out here their comment.

Over the next few weeks we will be launching a blog where we hope to demonstrate some of the cool features of the product, as you point out it makes integration with Ax super easy.

Some features of the provider; Follows the Linq to SQL model, exposure of the Dynamics dictionary via .Net objects, VS ‘AxMetal’ Addin for generating the data contexts, Create, Update and Delete support for single and multiple row instances, full support of Ax transactions and of course retrieving data via the Linq syntax.

If anyone has any questions about the provider then please feel free to contact me.


If you want to download a trial version you can find it here. In my current project at AWW the use of the product is on the table for (future) evaluation.


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