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Event Driven Architecture

Event Driven Architecture is brought into attention in the (latest) Microsoft architecture journal 17 and more specifically in the article: Using Events in Highly Distributed Architectures. David Chou points out that SOA can be nicely extended with the event principle and gives some extra general quality advantages provided in the application when using events (others are described here in the context of the AMM) :

  • Effective data integration
  • Reduced information latency
  • Enablement of accurate responce
  • Improved scalability, managebility, reliability, flexibility…
  • Improved business agility

When we look to the Dynamics Ax messaging module we see that it fits in the EAD as the intermediary flow manager (message broker). It propagates events in the Dynamics Ax EPR system to modules (partially) isolated by separation of concern and to applications outside the system. Also events from outside Dynamics Ax can be propagated to modules inside the system.

The events outside Dynamics Ax can use the SOA communication infrastructure or any other infrastructure. Inside Dynamics Ax all events are event objects in the object oriented architecture. The mapping of event formats and the propagation of these events is done automatically in the message broker with the use of the necessary channel adapters.


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