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Ax Runbase patterns for RPC reduction

The Dynamics Ax performance team published patterns that can be interesting to solve performance problems in case maybe some of the following issues arise.

Issue #1:
The #CurrentList macro is used for both SysLastValue and Pack/Unpack serialization.

Issue #2:
Non-packable objects are created on the dialog which runs on the client, but used on the RunBase derivative class which is running on the server.

Issue #3:
Client interaction is being performed in the main method.

Issue #4:
Significant server interaction is being performed on the Dialog or in the dialog method.

Issue #5:
The RunBase-derivative class needs to load data from a user-specified file that exists on the user’s client machine, but the class’ run method will be executing on the server.

In this paper they describe one general pattern and some specific patterns.


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