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Ax Messaging Module (AMM)

Ax Messaging Module (AMM)

The AMM is a messaging module for Dynamics Ax. It places the concept of a message as a coupling reducing entity in the core of communication in Dynamics Ax, and between Dynamics Ax and external systems.

Dynamics Ax is a platform for providing business functionality. In its standard package a lot of business domain solutions exist: Finance, Human resources, Inventory management, Trade… These are strongly coupled in the system and allows business processes to be set up. On the technically side it offers a RAD environment in which customizations can be done very fast. Ultimately the combination of its horizontal business functionality with a technical environment that allows easy customization, provides the possiblity that every business can gain profit from Microsoft Dynamics Ax.

On top of the Dynamics Ax system, the AMM tries to provide some extra features that aren’t currently available and should help to realize some specific quality attributes which architectures need to provide for the business. The following list is a group of relevant posts in which the AMM is explained technically and positioned as a quality providing module to help accomplish strategic goals.


Quality aspects:


Every relevant post in the future will be added.

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