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Reading NLog log files with LogViewPlus

Reading & understanding log files can be a time consuming & difficult process, but it is a necessity to communicate the state of the application and if needed to fix bugs.

A nice tool I recently discovered is LogViewPlus ( The tool is described as :

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Has built in filtering and analysis tools
  • Built specifically for reading application log files
  • Works with live data by tailing the log file
  • Auto-detects logging formats
  • Visually engaging to help you find issues faster
  • Supports viewing large log files
  • Similar to Tail and Grep, but for Windows
  • Fully supported

What makes it extremely useful for me and makes it my number one choice compared to similar tools is :

  • Its filtering capabilities
  • Layering the filtering on top of eachother & save it as a workspace
  • The concept of starting & stopping a session. This makes it easy to have a clear log view for a manual self-defined session you start & stop.
  • Clean UI with an easy full screen option
  • The support & documentation around the tool is very good.

LogViewPlus is a tool I can’t miss anymore.

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